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Social responsibility

For Sysinfo Ltd. and its staff, Social Responsibility is about engaging in business as a corporation and as an individual for society through our core business, social investment, charity programs and our commitment to the public interest.

For Sysinfo Ltd. „social responsibility” is a value that pervades all our actions. In our company is no secret that our goal is to make our business performance superior. However, this goal must be consistent with the interests of our employees, customers and suppliers and the needs of our environment and society. Our successes can only be considered a success in this case, and can only be sustained in the long run. We are firmly convinced that we can only become a trusted partner when we consider our long-term interests in our thinking and deeds.

We have recognized that charity is not enough for us. At every stage of our activity, we strive to improve the quality of life for a healthy, safe and sustainable environment. We take into account the needs of the present generation and, in line with this, prepare for the needs of future generations.

Social responsibility is an integral part of our corporate culture, integrated into every workflow and business of our company.

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