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What is DocuSek?

DocuSek is an online document protection and storage service that lets you store your documents in the cloud – securely and effortlessly.

We created DocuSek for companies who plan to move away from paper based document storage to a digital, online storage. If you want to keep your documents in both physical and digital forms, our service is also ideal for you.

We offer a system that makes it easy to find and download an original version of your document or share watermarked copies of the same document. It also helps you to find the original paper document by being able to link digital and physical copies together.

What’s more, your documents are stored in the cloud - in highly redundant storage facilities across the globe with lighting fast retrieval times and proprietary security measures.

In today’s world securing your documents can be crucial. It is a critical feature both to you and your clients. Often, the safest means to store your data is on paper locked away in a storehouse. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

DocuSek aims to bring you a new kind security. So how exactly is your data secured with DocuSek?

When your document is ready for upload in a digital form, our service not only encrypts it with the highest possible encryption allowed by law – we also distribute parts of the document randomly across continents. Your document is heavily encrypted and also sliced into many small pieces. It’s as if you would tear it up and store the various pieces behind high security vaults around the globe, without anyone knowing where the individual pieces are.

That includes us too. Our engineers are not able to peek into your files. We are unable to comply with anyone asking us for your documents - it's just not possible.

In the end, even we cannot tell what pieces belong to which document and how to decrypt them. Nor can anyone else. We conform to international digital encryption law, but we do it in a way that nets you with the best, legally possible security measures along with a highly redundant data storage at a very affordable price.

Secure. DocuSek employs an array of security measures to make sure that nobody but you and whom you authorize is able to access your documents.

Distributed. Walking hand-in-hand with security, every single document you upload is randomly sliced and distributed in storage plants across the globe. Only with your personal hardware key is it possible to decode where the various pieces of your document are.

Redundant. We offer an extremely high level of redundancy by storing duplicates around the world, making it virtually impossible for a document to become lost due to hardware failure. We are convinced that your documents would remain safe and sound in most vis major events we can imagine.

Reliable. We offer 99.99% availability. There are no single points of failure.

Scalable. We created this system to be able to withstand and scale with your interest and usage. The service can handle storing documents for individuals as well as the largest of companies.

Fast. Uploads to the system are distributed across several world regions while downloads make use of an even larger global network of edge locations. Uploads happen directly to these vaults, there are no proxy bottlenecks on the way.

Simple. Using our web based administration interface, it becomes an easy task to secure your files or find a document – whether a digital or a physical version.

It is also a simple task to share your documents with your clients, yet our solution makes it possible for you to do that within constraints. Who you share documents with, for how long and in what format – your call.

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